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Ugh. Worldcon Hangover

So, it seems that I cannot, simply cannot, go to a convention where the fallout isn't DRAMAH on some level or another.  It seems that nearly every convention I attend has something - disagreements between friends, something badly run with people upset, politics, name it.

This time, there is - of course - Harlan-gate, which is still ongoing and getting nastier as far as I can tell.

And there's also an enormous wad of stinking poo being thrown about how the masquerade was won.


Fortunately, even though I complain about being con-burnt-out at the moment, I still have a lot of fun at conventions, generally-speaking.  And I am very sure that once I get a stretch of time away from doing con after con after con in a row, I'll continue to enjoy conventions.

But sometimes, I just think...what the bleeding hell?

Why is it that the DRAMAH factor is always so high?

To everybody wrapped up in both scenarios...*hugs*

I'm going to look at pretty pictures and play Galaxies for a while.
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